The Magic of Vinegar
It helps everything from a salad to washing windows and polishing stainless steel!
For cooking:
  1. As a tenderizer for tough meat and game. Make a marinade in the proportion of half a cup of vinegar to a cup of heated liquid* such as bouillion. Or* for steak. you may prefer a mix of vinegar and= oil* rubbed in well and allowed to stand for two hours.
  2. To get rid of the "canned" taste in 4ranned shrimp* soak them in a little sherry and two tablespoons of vinegar for about 15 minutes,
  3. For a really fluffy meringue add 1⁄4 tap, of vinegar to three egg whites before beating,
  4. Add a tsp, of vinegar to the water in which you poach eggs to keep the whites from separating.-
  5. Add a tablespoon of vinegar added to the to in which you boil potatoes- will keep them nice and white. You can keep old potatoes from turning dark in the same way.
  6. To make rice white and fluffy, add a little vinegar to the water in which you boil it,
  7. To make your own low...calorie sour- cream, mix a cup of cottage cheese. a fourth cup of skim milk and a tsp. of vinegar. Blend*mix and blend some more. This is great on baked potatoes.
  8. When you're making mint sauce* keep the chopped or crushed leaves from turning brown by sprinkling them with a little vinegar.
  9. A tsp. of vinegar will cut the sugary sweetness_ and bring out the flavor it such desserts as emple..syrup.pie or peo04440.*
  10. Add a tbsp. of Vinegar to the fat in whichyou are,going'to deep fly,keep the food from absorbing too much fat and will eliminate the greasy taste.
  11. When you boil beef add a tbsp, of vinegar to water to soften the fibers and make the meat more tender to eat.
  12. A few drops of vinegar added to the water in which you are keeping your peeled potatoes will keep them from discoloring.
  13. Add a little vinegar to the water in which you boil a ham, it will draw out some of the salty taste and improve the flavor.
  14. To get a vice shiny top owirour homemade bread, take it out of the oven'when it's almost baked, brush the top with vinegar and return itto the oven to finish baking.
  15. Cake icing can be prevented from becoming sugary if you add a little vinegar to the ingredients before cooking. Same is true when making home made candy.
  16. A little vinegar added to the water in which you boil beets or cabbage will help the vegetables retain their color and will also cut down on the odor
  17. If you went to stew an old hen, soak it in vinegar for several hours before cooking it will taste like spring chicken:
  18. Try soaking fish in vinegar and water before cooking it. It will be sweeter, more tender and hold its shape better. When you are boiling or poaching fish, a tablespoon of vinegar added to the water will keep it fropm crumbling so easily.
  19. A teaspoon of vinegar added to the water in which you cook cauliflower will eliminate scum and result in a lovely white head of the vegetable.
  20. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to any gelatin recipe during the hot months to keep molded salads or desserts from melting so quickly.
  21. To prevent a jar of jam or jelly from spoiling, soak a cloth in vinegar and place it over the top of the jar before closing the lid.

For cleaning:
  1. Remove fruit or berry stains frcelyour hands by clean. ing them with vinegar.
  2. Dampen your cleaning rag in-vinegarend water and use it to wipe your oven. It will prevent grease buildup.
  3. If you get lime deposits in your tea kettle, heat some vinegar in it and let it stand overnight, then rinse the next day.
  4. When you have to wash something very greasy or smelly a few tablespoons of vinegar in your dishwasher will cut down the grease and help remove the odor.
  5. A little vinegar added to the rinse water will eliminate dull soap film from glassware and make it shine.
  6. If you like to save peanut butter:4nd mayonnaise jars for storing other foods, make sure you rinse them, with vinegar before reusing them, to get rid of the odors of the former contents.
  7. Spots on your stainless steel kitchen equipment or on your bathroom chrome can be removed by rubbing the spots with a cloth dampened in vinegar.
  8. Minerals in food and water sometimes cause dark stains inside aluminum utensils. You can remove these stains by boiling water to which vinegar has been added.
  9. When you can't get the last bit of mayonnaise or salad dressing out of a jar, try dribbling a little vinegar into it, put the cap on tightly' and shake well, You'll be amazed at how much. mayonnaise you've been wasting.
  10. Use a mixture of salt and vinegar to clean off the coffee and tea stains from your china cups.
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