What This Site is About
This web site is dedicated primarily to the memory of the deceased members of the Markovich, Zajac and Wukich  families via family photos and other remembrances.

Since this is surname web site, my intent here is not only to promote the Markovich surname but to encourage the researching of and the preserving of family history as a whole. Although the Markovich surname is truly a world class name, it is a fairly common surname in various areas of the United States. This web site will also contain a wide range of content that I consider interesting, timely, relevant and fun.

When you view the family photos contained in this site, please remember that all these people shown lived a full and varied life. They married, worked, bought houses and cars, went to school, raised a family, took vacations, contributed to the common good, established communities and kept them stable and safe, and much more. If any of the photos in this web site remind you of your own deceased family members or friends, then please remember them accordingly with your own narrative! Do not take them or time for granted.     

Surname Ethnicity and Meaning
The Markovich surname can be Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, or Jewish. The Zajac surname by meaning is one who lived by the sign of the rabbit. The rabbit is a very swift runner. The Zajac surname can be Polish or Czech.     

Your Own Research
Although this topic in the navigation tree presents a complicated step-by-step procedure for doing serious genealogical research, my feedback on this document from researchers who have used it indicates that most use a portion of the steps outlined with satisfactory results.  If you are interested in documenting your family tree with photographs or documents and if your elderly relatives are still alive, I would suggest you start the documentation process by interviewing them first. Record and photograph everything before its too late! 

Available Searches
Two search options are available in the Markovich.org website. Either click on the Available Searches topic in the navigation tree on the left hand side of the screen or click here and then select the appropriate search.  

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My efforts to construct,maintain, and update this web site are dedicated to the City Administration, the Police and Fire Departments, and the residents of Whiting, Indiana, the most unique city on planet earth and home of the world famous pierogi fest.
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