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Zajac, Anthony & Eleanor Family & Other Historical Photographs 1934 Photos First communion or confirmation Mother & friends Mother at beach Mother at home Mother at home Mother at home 1936 Photos Mom & Sister Mary My mother 1940 Photos Aunt Florence Beach friends 1940 Beach photograph 1940 Mom in 1940 Mother and friends 1940 Mother and sister Irene 1940 Mother beach photo1940 Unkown beauty Wedding party 1940 1941 Photos High school graduation photograph 1941 Standard Oil grease works circa 1941 1942 Photos Mother summer of1942 Navy photograph 1942 1943 Photos Aunt Irene & Uncle Frank 1943 Mother and Friend 1943 Navy photograph - portrait 1943 Navy photograph 1943 Uncle Frank 1943 War Ration Book Four War Ration Book Four Coupons War Ration Book Four Coupons War Ration Book No. 3 War Ration Book No. 3 Coupons Wedding photograph 1943 1944 Photos Army - Air Corp 1944 Navy Photograph 1944 Navy photograph 1944 Navy photograph 1944 Wedding party 1944 Wedding party 1944 Wedding pose 1944 1945 Photos At home 1945 Beautiful bride 1945 Grandmother Markovich Mother 1945 Mother 1945 Grandmother Markovich 1946 Photos At home 1946 At home 1946 Beautiful Bride 1946 -1 Beautiful Bride 1946 -2 Beautiful Bride 1946 -3 Beautiful Bride 1946 -4 Certificate of Marriage Wedding day 1946 Wedding day 1946 Wedding Day 1946 Wedding day photo 1946 Wedding day pose 1946 Wedding Photo 1946 Whiting July 4 parade 1946 Whiting Park Beach 1946 1947 Photos Mom 1947 Mom 1947 Mom 1947 Mom and Dad 1947 Father with Zajac's 1947 1950 Photos Athletic Event circa 1950 Aunt Pat, uncle George and me 1950 Back yard family 1950 Birthday Party 1950 Grandmother Zajac 1950 Me & grandmother Zajac 1950 Me & Mom 1950 Me and Dad 1950 Me in 1950 1951 Photos Aunt Mary and family Aunt Mary and Gilbert Family and uncles Mother and I 1951 My father and me 1951 1952 Photos Me & Mom & Friend 1952 Me & Mom & Grandfather Me circa 1952 Me the webmaster 1952 Mom and me circa 1952 Mother, grandmother & me Mother, me, friend 1953 Photos More school days 1953. School Days - circa 1953 Me & my Aunt Pat Mother and grandmother 1953 1954 Photos Zajac clan Zajac grandparents Zajac grandparents and family Zajac grandparents and family at table Zajac men folk at bar 1955 Photos Markovich brothers & father 1956 Photos Grandmother Markovich 1956 1959 Photos Mother at home 1959 1960 Photos 1962 Photos Mrs. Lengel's Garden 1963 Photos Oldsmobile parking lot Vacation photo 1963 Mother on vacation 1963 1964 Photos Mother at home 1964 Outboard marine 1964 1965 Photos Mother and her sisters 1966 Photos Birthday celebration Dog Dog posing 1966 High School graduation 1966 Mother and dog 1967 Photos Mother in kitchen 1967 1968 Photos Dog bedroom poses Grandmother Markovich & Rudy & me Grandmother Markovich and Rudy Grandmother Markovich Studio pose 1968 Grandmother Markovich, Rudy, Charlie & Wilma Mother, Aunt Irene 1968 1970 Photos Grandmother Markovich 1970 Father at AMOCO Engine Lab Father at AMOCO Engine Lab - Electromotive Diesel Project 1971 Photos Mother and Neighbors 1974 Photos Dog poses upstairs Wedding Reception Parking Wukich Family 1956 Photos Stella Markovich - Germany 1956 1960 Photos Grandmother Wukich 1960 Grandmother Wukich & lady friend 1960 2013 Photos Stella Senior of the Month Stella Outing Stella Outing & Luncheon Stella Outing and Holiday Fun Facts Monthly Birthstones & Flowers Indiana Emblem - Bird - Flower Interesting Links Latest Updates More Genealogy Prayers and Petitions A Firefighter's Prayer Memorial Day Reflection Religious Freedom Novena Prayer Prayer for the Dead Prayer for the Forgotten Dead Prayer for a Deceased Woman Taps Recipes and Food Related 24 Hour Salad Apple Cake Apple Mystery Pie Apricot Jello Salad Baked Lima Beans Banana Cupcakes Barbecups Beef Burgundy Brandy Slush Carrot Salad Cheese Ball Cheese Cake Cherry Salad Supreme Chicken and Broccoli Casserole Chicken and Corn Bread Chinese Egg Rolls Cinnamon Toffee Bars Crab Hors D'Oeuvre Cream Pufffs Creamed Potatoes Creamy Potato puff Date Crunchies Devil's Food Cake Dump Cake Grasshopper Cake Grean Bean Casserole Hamburger Casserole Herb Melba Toast Hot Chicken Salad Jello Mold Jello-Cottage Cheese Salad Layered Salad Lemon or Chocolate Pudding Cake Lemon Supreme Cake Lite and Lucious Oatmeal Pie Orange Pineapple Salad Original Fannie May Fudge Party Salad Petite Cherry Cheesecake Pistachio Cake Pistachio Jello Salad Pizza Casserole Pork Chop Supreme Pork Tenderloin Diablo Portofino Salad Potato Chip Cookies Pumpkin Dessert Quick Lemon Pie Quick Strawberry Jello Salad Quickie Fruit Dessert Rice Pilaf Shortbread Cookies Sicilian Cassata (Italian Cake) Sour Cream Coffee Cake Spinach Casserole Strawberry Cottage Cheese Salad The Magic of Vinegar Three Bean Salad Toffee Zucchini Nut Bread Remembering Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Santa Fe High School Trip to New York City Photographs 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial Memorial 9/11 Memorial Names 9/11 Memorial Names Ellis Island Immigration Museum Ellis Island Museum building view Ellis Island Museum inside Houston area of NY City Houston area of NY city - alternate view NY Public Library entrance NY Public Library reading room Radio City Music Hall Rockefeller Center - Legos model View from NY Public Library entrance Wall street & Stock Exchange Trip to Spain Photographs Orense Orense church Orense park Roman ruins Roman ruins - another view View of horizon and roof top View of horizon from village Village church alter Village church cemetery Village church exterior Village church inside Village church leaning Village church view Village greenery Village main road Village road Village roof tops Village storage bin Village view Village view - distant road Village view from porch Village view from road Village walk way Unidentifiable Photos Photograph 1 Photograph 2 Photograph 3 Photograph 4 Photograph 5 Photograph 6 Photograph 7 Photograph 8 Photograph 9 Vietnam Veterans Memorials Lake & Porter County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Entry Way Display View from Walk Way Dedication Information on Pedestal Pedestal Dedicaton Statement Main Memorial Left Side Panel Center Portion of Memorial Panel Main Memorial Right Panel Overall View of Memorial View from Start of Walk Way Display Information Close Up Wartime Vietnam map on Display Decoration and Awards of US Armed Forces Whiting - Robertsdale Vietnam Veterans Memorial Memorial Dedication Brown, David G. 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